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Welcome To Copper Beech Therapy

My name is Anne Dawson and I am a fully qualified, insured reflexologist, registered with AOR.

I cover all aspects of reflexology including aiding recovery from injury, insomnia, back problems, stress, IBS, men's health issues, end of life care and many more. I offer assistance on your road to having a baby. Whether you are having IVF or trying to conceive naturally, reflexology has been shown to be of great benefit. This is a specialist area of our therapy and I am fully trained to help you on your journey.

I am fully qualified in Reflexology Lymph Drainage. I can help with lymphedema during cancer treatment as well as many other ailments such as migraine, auto immune problems, MS and many others.

I have had great success with young people, helping them through the stress of exams and the strain of everyday life issues. Call me to find out how I can help your family.

I trained locally at Calming Influences a private school dedicated to training Complementary Therapies. I have a therapy room in Waterlooville providing a calm oasis in which to fully relax and enjoy your treatment. I can also come to your home if you would rather continue to relax after your treatment without the need to drive home.

Reflexology is a therapy dating back many thousands of years but it was in the 1930s that the benefits were first documented and this is considered to be the birth of the therapy we know today.

Reflexology is a gentle therapy suitable for men and women and all ages from infants to senior citizens. It is a non intrusive complementary therapy based on the theory that the hands, feet and face have corresponding parts of the body linked to pressure points. Reflexologists work holistically with their clients and traditional mainstream healthcare to promote a healthy body and mind.

I work on the theory that given help your body can restore its natural balance. Reflexology can restore natural sleep patterns, help reduce stress and tension symptoms and provoke a feeling of well being. There has been some very positive research showing the real benefits to health of reflexology but as these studies are as yet small there is not enough evidence for us to make clinical claims of effectiveness. Why not try for yourself and see if I can help you.

The following benefits have been reported after treatment:-

icon Support of emotional health

icon Relaxation

icon Improved quality of sleep

icon Reduced stress and anxiety

icon Calming moods

icon Pain reduction

icon Reduced blood pressure


For your convenience I offer treatments in the comfort of your own home, within 35 miles from Waterlooville . I arrive with a beautifully comfortable treatment chair and will delight you with a relaxing and reviving treatment without the need for you  to battle through traffic.

If you would like to book a treatment or just find out more please contact me by telephone on 07717 776962 or email Or why not give a gift of relaxation and wellbeing to mum on mother's day or a loved one at Easter? Gift vouchers available for hand or feet reflexology. Call or email for details.RLD Logo


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